Mitchell County will be welcoming many new temporary residents to the area in the coming months.  To assist in finding housing, we have created a database of rental units that include houses, shared homes, apartments, bed & breakfasts, hotel/motels, campgrounds and other rentals outside of Mitchell County. Click the highlighted link below.


Rental Spreadsheet - List of Rentals  (Click link)


#4: 106 West Main, Riceville


The information has been provided to the MCEDC offices and has not been screened for condition of property.  Properties listed are based on information provided by the property owner. Some units may be unavailable and not reported back as currently occupied. MCEDC is not responsible for the condition of the properties and it is the individuals responsibility to contact the desired rental property for further information. If you have rental property, please contact us with details and we ask that once you have rented the space to please contact us so we may remove it from the list.


Realtor Contact Information:


Kolbet Realtors

Kevin or Phil Kolbet



Main Realty

Lisa, Clarence or Bob



Govern Farms & Homes

Elaine or Chris












Mitchell County Economic Development Commission  .  509 State Street  .  Osage, IA  .  641-732-4790  .